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Tax Attorneys Offer Full IRS Protection

Tax Relief Partners was founded under the premise that total transparency into our resolution process creates the most favorable outcome for our clients. That’s why we employ a two-phase tax resolution program, which includes a full investigation into your individual tax situation and a powerful and efficient resolution process. This provides you the peace of mind to know exactly where you stand before you pay any fees towards a successful resolution – and we feel strongly that this is the best possible approach for anyone facing an IRS or state tax issue.


Tips for Getting Out of Trouble with the IRS

What is Tax Relief?

Thousands of individuals and families across America have experienced considerable difficulty after finding themselves in the middle of a collection action by the IRS. While many feel that they have little recourse given their unfortunate situation, the law does provide both protection and rights to taxpayers. By utilizing the services of a reputable tax relief firm such as Tax Relief Partners, you can receive full protection and representation. In addition, you can gain professional advice related to your individual situation, enabling you to make the best decision possible.

A word of caution, however. Make sure when dealing with a tax relief company that you make sure they are both reputable and possess a solid track record of success. Make sure you know what you are agreeing to when seeking tax resolution as in a small but significant amount of cases, clients do not receive the services they were expecting. As in any industry, doing your homework is the best preparation you can make toward a positive outcome.

Here are the four main components of our successful tax resolution process within Tax Relief Partners:

  • Consultation
  • Step I - Investigation
  • Step II - Resolutions
  • Graduation

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